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Our Reason Why

Our Reason Why

Ms Property Melbourne – 
Our Reason, Our Why.

Ms. Property was created out of a need for change. We wanted to help people make better, more informed, real estate decisions. 

Having a home or a permanent roof over your head should be the norm. 

We have an extreme problem of homelessness in  Australia. It becomes truly frightening when we realise how easily becoming homeless is and that it could, and does happen to anybody.

Working in residential real estate and then a brief foray into the retirement sector highlighted that not everyone had a solid plan for their retirement.

Not everyone has the experience or know how or the right guidance when they take the big step and sell their home. 

A client was intending to sell their home and rent, waiting for their perfect retirement home. Their reasoning sounded logical. They wanted to live in a unit, there was none available locally and they couldn’t afford a retirement village. They would rent and wait for the right place to come up.

Another client. Retired. Selling her home and going to rent in an area of her choice.

They were retired. There was no more income except their pension and superannuation.

A girlfriend, a friend, a woman we know. Stayed home with the kids, left the workforce or worked a casual job. We all know this woman. 

Life happens, divorce happens, death of a partner happens. 

Where does she live? She can’t buy a home of her own – she doesn’t have a job that pays enough, her skills are outdated and she has minimal Superannuation. 

Alarm bells should ring when we hear these stories from our family and friends.

Rents increase every year. House prices generally go up every year. What happens to people when they realize that the decision they make leaves them relying on family?

When the standard of living decreases as the rent increases, it is no longer affordable and you need to move to a lesser place. When there becomes no alternative. When your money doesn’t buy what you have taken for granted. Stability of where you live.

The rate of homeless for the over 55’s is increasing, the rate of
women becoming homeless (living in temporary accommodations) is also increasing.

Domestic violence and financial stress are the major reasons for our homeless problem – not drugs or mental illness.

Ms Property Melbourne began as an educational concept – information is power in our world. The lack of knowledge or experience leaves us vulnerable.

We want to assist our vulnerable, our inexperienced home buyers or sellers and give them the guidance they need to bridge the gap. Give them the benefit of our knowledge and experience, give them the power to make informed decisions, protect them.

We want to educate people on the steps before homelessness. How they can protect themselves and those they know.

When we recognise and acknowledge, when we genuinely want to DO something. We do what we can. 

This is our way.

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