It’s time to sell. 

Selling the family home, downsizing, leaving one area for another, whyever you are selling,  it’s stressful, there is no doubt about this. It’s not just the sale of the house with all its memories, it’s where you go next and how that is going to happen. 

Taking each step with guided advice makes the path smoother. There are strategies to use and having an independent voice alongside you is comforting and gives you clarity. 

Selling a home with the confidence of an experienced, independent real estate agent on call.

You may need a little help, you may need a lot of help, you may have sold before but not by yourself and some guidance only is required. 

Possibly you are already on the market or are in conversations with an agent.

If you have a signed Authority to Sell (Exclusive Auction Authority for example) then my first suggestion is to talk to your chosen agent. They are aware of your previous conversations and the strategy you have agreed on. 

If you want to book a MEET-UP to get an independent viewpoint or guidance then please do. 

This first MEET-UP of 15 minutes will be without charge as I try to get you to a place of comfort and understanding. As with our Buying Guidance, our first step is to find out about you, your needs and decide on how best we may help.

If you are comfortable with working through the process independently, then you may need the occasional guide or booklet to read through for further explanation. We provide these, some at no cost and more extensive guides at a one-off cost.

If choosing the ADVICE option, and you need more help then you can book a Meet Up.

A Meet Up is an online call. I prefer this as it gives you my undivided attention and I can be fully prepared to focus on you

ASSIST gives you assistance, a plan you can work through independently.

The ADVOCACY option gives you a very experienced real estate agent by your side the whole way through the Selling process, working with a carefully selected local agent too.


Yes, there are fees and they are payable once we have decided that we are going to work together.

ADVOCACY – the Go to Whoa Option

Have you signed an Exclusive Sale or Auction Agreement with a Real Estate Agent?

No? Then we can chat and see how I can work with you to sell your home.

I can guide you, give you clarity and independent advice

If selling your home is part of your separation or divorce process, then this is an area that I am very familiar with. We can have conversations with your ex, either separately or together as required.

If you have never bought a home by yourself or it has been some time then you may want the reassurance of an expert by your side.

Your family may want to be involved and this can be stressful. I am experienced with working with multiple parties, taking the heat and stress away from you.

If you are the Executor of an Estate or Beneficiary involved in the sale of a home then an independent advisor provides assurance.

My advice is independent. My desire is to get you to your next step with as little further stress as possible.

The choice of an agent can be contentious. I remove the contention.

Consider my role as the pivot point. You are involved and consulted, the decisions are yours yet you have a buffer, a protector/shield, supporter/defender/champion/advocate, by your side, the whole way through.

WHAT’S INVOLVED? The process may seem lengthy however we move through it as quickly as needed

  • 1 We meet at your home or the property (where possible)
  • 2 We discuss your situation and your preferred outcome
  • 3 We discuss your home, its possible value and the process
  • 4 Depending on the situation & preferred outcome, we will discuss actions to undertake to get your best price or best outcome
  • 5 We chat about preferred local agents
  • 6 We discuss marketing – strategies and costs
  • 7 I meet selected agents at your home – you are not present
  • 8 Agents forward their proposals (fees, strategies and marketing costs)
  • 9 We discuss Agents and Agents proposals
  • 10 We select 2 agents for you to meet and interview (I will be present)
  • 11 We discuss and select an agent that we will work with
  • 12 We get the Selling process underway



We share your usual Selling Fee with the selected agent.

The Selling Fee is only payable on Success (when you have sold).

Most agents are happy to work with me and share their fee. Why?

The process of ‘listing’ a home or have a potential seller commit to selling their home with you, takes a great deal of time. Rarely do people decide to sell and choose an agent in one day. It can be a lengthy and time consuming process.

We remove this process. When we come to them (after careful selection criteria) then a great deal of the work has been done. They can just get on with marketing and selling your home.

Their in depth conversations about marketing, buyers and offers are usually held with me. Agent to Agent. These conversations are often franker than they would be if they were talking with you.


Marketing is usually an upfront cost as it is payable to third party providers. It may be deferred or payable using a vendor paid marketing program depending on the selected agent.


Working out what you want, what you need and how we can assist you.

You may need occasional advice or assistance or complete guidance.

MEET-UP Packages to suit your needs and budget.

Meet-Ups can help you:

  • sort through your options
  • review the property, what you need to do to sell
  • understand your next steps
  • review the price of your home
  • answer questions
  • need negotiating advice

Guidance and advice over the phone or online

Meet-Up can also be used: if you need me to attend the property in person. For example, to meet building and pest inspectors, home stagers, Valuers, Tradies etc on site

Anything that you need help with as you go and as the need arises.

Must be booked online and prepaid


Each Meet Up is booked online and is $75 for 30 minutes

If multiple meet-ups are required then we will need to allocate time as this may include travel. These Meet Ups are also prepaid.


  • You are confident that you can work through the Selling process independently.
  • You may encounter something unexpected
  • You may have the occasional question

Offering a range of pdfs or courses, from very mini to more detailed courses that will help you through the buying process with real estate knowledge in your pocket.

If you are comfortable with working through the process independently then you may need the occasional guide or booklet to read through for further explanation.

We provide these, some at no cost and more extensive guides at a one off cost.

Booking a Meet-Up, changing tack to Advocacy, it’s all possible