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Mary – Selling a Home and Buying a Home When Retired

Rightsizing & Relocating 

Mary’s Story

Mary bought her current home after her divorce. 

She loved the house and the garden was just what her soul needed.

Ten years on, soul replenished, life balance restored and her garden was beginning to weigh on her mind. Large, plentiful and requiring constant maintenance and time.

Mary was concerned that as she got older the garden would be increasingly difficult to manage.

If she sold – where would she go?

She was semi retired, working part time and knew that she wouldn’t be able to borrow more funds – she would only be able to buy for what she sold for. Actually, a little less. A small existing loan, stamp duty, agents fees, marketing all would add up.

She wanted to move to a two bedroom unit, a similar size to her existing home with some garden  (not as much), privacy and quiet but closer to public transport, shops, giving her lifestyle choice. 

Mary was worried about:

  • finding a new home that she could afford,
  • all the different costs,
  • what she would get for her current home,
  • could she buy what she wanted,
  • who would sell her house,
  • would the agents see value in her home,
  • what would it cost to sell,
  • would they respect her and do the right thing by her and get her a good price and outcome.


Contacting Ms. Property Melbourne

Her daughter knew of Carol and trusted that Carol could help her mum.

Carol and Mary had a chat on the phone and arranged a time to meet over a coffee (and a biscuit). 

Mary was reassured that her feelings were valid. It is stressful. Buying and selling a home is right up there in the top ten of stressful life events. 

The concept of having someone on your side, who knows residential real estate back to front and who has many years in real estate would surely make the entire experience a whole lot easier.

Having the knowledge to understand each step in both the buying and selling process and being able to outline it for you and then fill in the detail is reassuring. 

There is never a silly question and if you want, you can email, sms or call and know that you will get a sympathetic response within a couple of hours. 

Selling Mary’s Home

We worked through the process together. We sat down and worked out how her home would look to its best advantage. Mary’s family was fantastic and helped declutter, clean and garden.

Carol researches local agents – working on a carefully constructed selection criteria

She then contacts the selected agents

They  viewed Mary’s home (Mary didn’t need to be there)

The agents emailed Carol their Marketing Proposals, price thoughts and strategies.

Carol recontacted the agents, getting more information and pinning them down, making sure we had all the answers. 

When all their responses and information was collated, Carol presented her thoughts to Mary. 

Mary and Carol discussed each agent and their information before selecting two to formally meet Mary. Carol sat right alongside Mary when interviewing the selected agents. 

The final decision always rests with the client. The client must be comfortable with the agent.

Once the agents leave, they are then discussed and their proposals, personalities and potential are picked over. 

The relief when an agent is chosen should not be underestimated!

Agent Selected – what a relief!

The agents are informed as to their success (or not) and the Selling Process begins.

Carol is ALWAYS there and available to chat. She receives the feedback and communication from the agent. 

This feedback is Agent to Agent and is usually very truthful and dare I say blunt. We see no need to tread carefully with each other. We understand where each other is coming from and the outcome each wants to achieve. 

Offers are also presented to Carol. Mary does not need to be concerned about any coercion to accept an offer. Carol goes through the offer (or offers) bit by bit with Mary so there are no misunderstandings in communication. 

Every step of the way, Mary has a Licensed Estate Agent by her side. 

Right through to Settlement, Mary can and was, chatting with Carol. Her personal guide.

Mary is now happily ensconced in her new home, enjoying getting involved in her new community and her new relaxed lifestyle. 

Buying Mary a New Home

Mary also needed to buy a new home and we helped her with that too (please click on this link to see just how that works).

What Does it Cost?

You may well be thinking “that sounds great but how much does it cost to get all that expertise and assistance with selling?”

This is the even better part. It wont cost you any more than if you called the agents direct.

When we employ an agent to sell your home, they understand that their usual selling fee will be split with me.

Do they care? A little bit but they also know that without my phone call and involvement that they wouldn’t have been called in. 

They get the larger portion (split is 70/30) and most agents are happy with that. 

It saves you time and money as well as hassle. 

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