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Selling Your Home

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Selling your home is a big decision, there is so much to think about and so many people with stories to tell.

Having someone you can discuss things with, who will guide you along the ‘selling your home’ path is a big help.

Helping clients from Mt Dandenong to Mansfield, Clayton to Richmond and everywhere else in Victoria. 

You Want To Sell ….
Or Maybe You Are
Not Sure?

You have been thinking of selling but you are not sure, not sure how, not sure who, just not sure about the whole process. We can give you independent advice.

Going from inexperienced to confident with real estate.

It’s a great feeling.

It may be some time since you have sold a home, it may be that you have never sold or perhaps never sold by yourself.

Knowing what to do and what to look for, what steps you will need to take and what to be wary of, all things that can confuse and concern.

Our role is to reduce your stress and get you to your new home safely and confidently.

Respectful and caring and with confidentiality we will be your own personal real estate agent.

How To Begin

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Call Ms Property Melbourne to have a quick chat and we can make a time to meet for a coffee or we may direct you to one of our contacts who may be able to serve you better.

Phone: 0447 591 754

Let’s Meet For Coffee

We will meet to discover more about
you and your needs and how we can
work best together.

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Why would you use an Advocate to Sell Your Home?

An Advocate by definition (Websters) is a person who pleads another’s cause, or who speaks or writes in support of something.

A Sellers or Vendors Advocate works for you, only you. We don’t work for the Buyer or the Agent, we work for you – for your best outcome – not theirs.

Sellers use an Advocate because they are time poor or inexperienced in the home selling process.

Sellers understand that a wrong decision could be costly and you may never recover financially. 

Second guessing every choice and every decision is reduced when you have an experienced agent working solely for you.

Relying on independent advice and knowing that the Advocate is focused on your words and thoughts and outcomes – no one else’s. 

Employing an agent knowing that you haven’t been swayed by sales speels, overinflated pricing, fees and marketing is reassuring. 

Getting the truth behind the words of reports and making sure that you are given regular updates on what is happening with your home sale. 

Is the offer good, what else is involved, what does it all mean for you? Should you wait, should you sell? What’s next?

Your advocate will take you through each process, all the way through, listening and discussing. 

Carol has had 18 years of agent training, on the ground sales experience along with Property Management and everything involved in running an office. There are few that have this knowledge AND experience. It’s why she is so trusted. 

What Will It Cost?

The chosen agents fee will cover the cost of utilising our skills, time and experience. You do not pay more, we share your fee. 

Agents charge a success fee – you only pay when you sell. This fee varies from area to area and can also depend on the expected selling price of your home. It is also known as commission.

Agents will also expect to be reimbursed for the marketing that they do on your behalf.

The two fees are quite distinct, marketing is payable regardless of the outcome which is another reason to choose carefully. Many agents prefer the marketing fee or at least 10% to be paid upfront.


How Long Will It Take?

This is a big question. It depends on how quickly you are ready to sell.

Do you need to declutter?

Is there work required to be done on your home before you sell?

Will your home be vacant?

If you assume that you are ready to go as soon as the agent has been selected then photos are first along with video, copy and floorplans. As you can see, there is more involved in preparing your home before you even get online.

The average time on market varies depending on the market and we will go into further detail about that too.

Are you wanting or needing to auction or will you sell privately (this is not selling it by yourself, it means that you are selling through an agent just not by auction). It is a question best covered when we chat or meet as it will depend on your situation..

How Much Is My Home Worth?

Agents give you an opinion of market value. We will also research before calling in agents giving us a price expectation and making us more comfortable, giving us an idea of where your home should sit in the marketplace.

The bottom line is that your home is worth what the market is prepared to pay.

Working with a carefully selected real estate agent to achieve your best outcome

Ms. Property works with a carefully selected real estate agent to achieve your best outcome

We work in conjunction with

We work together

We support you all the way

Together we choose the agent that we believe is the most suited to you – we are not confused or manipulated by agents words or glossy brochures or cheap fees or expensive marketing. 

It’s about you – and only you.

Call us on 0447 591 754

For further information please call or email Carol on 0447 591 754 or for your confidential discussion.

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