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Empowering women over 40 with their real estate decisions.

Guiding, coaching, and independent advice with your important real estate choices when buying and/or selling your home.

What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow. But what you know today cannot affect what you did yesterday

Condoleezza Rice

Founded in 2019 and with twenty years experience in real estate.

My name is Carol Robertson, my company is Ms. Property Melbourne.

I coach, guide and mentor women through the home buying and selling process.

Helping them with their choices and improving their quality of life.





Our first step before offering any guidance is to find out about you. 

What you want, What you need, How much help do you think you will need, it may be a little, it may be alot. 

We can help in 3 main ways

  • Investigate AND Explore
  • Find and Define Your Purpose
  • Guide with Clarity

We do this by guiding you along one of 3 paths


Working out what you want, what you need and how we can assist you. 

You may need occasional advice or assistance or complete guidance. Packages to suit your needs and budget.

Bookable Online Meet Ups


 Offering a range of courses, from very mini to more detailed courses that will help you through the buying process with real estate knowledge in your pocket.

Booking a Meet-Up, changing tack to Advise or Advocacy Packages, it’s all possible


Giving independent advice that is all about you. If you are buying a home and lack knowledge, time or confidence then we will guide, coach and work through the process with you

Unlimited conversations, advice and assistance as we work through the entire buying process together.

Coaching, Mentoring as required


MEET-UPS are a common selection. Priced at $75 per 30 minutes, we are deliberately affordable.

Pdfs and guidance booklets, courses are individually priced.

Advocacy is a flat fee and quoted depending on your needs however as a guide is usually around 1.1% of your Contract Price. It may be paid in two payments or in Staged payments. There is an Engagement Fee to get us underway.



As with our Buying Guidance, our first step is to find out about you, your needs and decide on how best we may help.

Different to the Buying Guidance, predominantly our Advocacy Package is the most sought after.

Independent advice that is all about you and your needs. 

Selling a home with the confidence of an experienced real estate agent on call, on your side. 

The Advocacy option will guide, coach and work through the entire process with you.

Unlimited conversations, advice and assistance 

Coaching, Mentoring as required

Every step, every decision, we can run through together. You can book a Meet-Up whenever you like at no charge, you can call, email or sms also at no charge. 

We work with a selected local agent, giving you local knowledge and expertise. We all work together to sell your home. 

How does this help you? I help you work through the process, guiding and mentoring. An agent has a job to do, they make assumptions about your knowledge and are completely focused on selling your home. It is about the sale not necessarily about you, what you want to know and how you are coping. 

I act as the independent voice. It’s not all about the sale, it’s about you and what you need and making sure you get that.

From Go to Whoa

Taking you from an opinion of market value, guidance on preparation before the market, marketing options, agent selection through to Settlement and your next step.

You Need A Bit

Downloadable pdfs that are either free or low in cost.

They help women work through the process of selling independently. You may also book a Meet Up if you need further assistance.


You have chosen your agent and you are on the market. 

You may have questions, need some further explanation of what is happening. 

Bookable Online Meet Ups

Packages, Pricing, You Pick

Full advocacy cost is shared between the selected, engaged agent and Ms. Property. It doesn’t usually cost you any more to work with the full advocacy service. Agents are willing to share their fee because predominantly the hardest part of their job is already done – being chosen and the property is already listed (paperwork and engagement authority complete).

Meet-Ups as per the Buying Guidance. If you have already listed your home and are not sure of something, we usually recommend discussing with your agent however sometimes our clients have questions that extend beyond the selling process.

Pdfs and guidance booklets are individually priced

Carol Robertson, Founder, Ms. Property

Let us know how we can help you!

Starting the conversation is often the hardest step.

Our part in your real estate journey may be complete after our initial free conversation or it may extend through the whole buying and or selling process


What People are Saying

Twenty years in real estate means that I have collected a lot of stories, helped a huge number of people and clients have become friends. Here are a few of their words.

With many years in real estate, Carol offers her clients knowledge, experience and all the support needed to either sell or buy – with great outcomes. Her communication skills, negotiating abilities, transparent approach and genuine personality mean her clients could not be in better hands!
My elderly parents had never been through the process of selling a house; initially they were overwhelmed and lacked confidence making decisions.
At the first meeting with Carol, she went through all the processes in simple terms and encouraged questions and gave detailed answers. All documents were presented in a folder to refer to at any time and the lines of communication were constant including emails, phone calls and constant feedback as the stages progressed.
Carol went that extra mile for my parents and secured a phenomenal result that would not have been reached had my parents not put their trust in her.
I would recommend any person considering selling to call Carol for a chat!
Welcome to Country

Ms. Property Naarm

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are standing. I pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Aboriginal Elders of other communities who may be here today.