Guiding, coaching, independent advice and working by your side with your home buying and/or selling decisions


Carol Robertson, Real Estate Buying & Selling Advocate
Carol Robertson is Ms. Property Melbourne

Find the Solution to your real estate problem

The Real Estate Buying & Selling Advocate for Women over 50.

With hundreds of real estate transactions behind me, I help women sort through the confusion and sometimes chaos of your real estate decisions.

When you are going it alone, I am there to guide you through.

Real language, real understanding, independent support.



Women over 50 throughout Victoria

Single, divorced, separated, widowed, downsizing, independent, for the mature home buyer and/or seller



Real estate Buying & Selling ADVOCACY, ADVICE & ASSISTANCE that sorts the jargon, the legalities, the reality from the speels and mind games. Giving women choices.



Property investment. I work with women about their own home, where they live.



I want a better life for all women over 50. I want women to have a choice, to know more about real estate and be safe in their real estate decisions.


Ms. Property offers three main Options however you also have the opportunity to have a customised solution just for you. Choice, it’s what we all want.


Get advice as required through Meet Ups or Meet Ups Plus Option.

Online or on the phone or in-person meetings to discuss where you are at, where you want to be and how we can get you there.


You have bought and /or sold before and may only need occasional guidance.

Download a free or low cost guide and be reassured you are on the right path or realise that you may need some further advice through a Meet Up.


Working with you throughout the buying and /or selling process, from Go to Whoa,

A real estate agent of your own, on your side, by your side whether you are buying, selling or need to do both to get you to where you want to be.


What People are Saying

Twenty plus years in real estate means that I have collected a lot of stories, helped a huge number of people and clients have become friends. Here are a few of their words.

With many years in real estate, Carol offers her clients knowledge, experience and all the support needed to either sell or buy – with great outcomes. Her communication skills, negotiating abilities, transparent approach and genuine personality mean her clients could not be in better hands!
My elderly parents had never been through the process of selling a house; initially they were overwhelmed and lacked confidence making decisions.
At the first meeting with Carol, she went through all the processes in simple terms and encouraged questions and gave detailed answers. All documents were presented in a folder to refer to at any time and the lines of communication were constant including emails, phone calls and constant feedback as the stages progressed.
Carol went that extra mile for my parents and secured a phenomenal result that would not have been reached had my parents not put their trust in her.
I would recommend any person considering selling to call Carol for a chat!

Let us know how we can help you!

Starting the conversation is often the hardest step.

Our part in your real estate journey may be complete after our initial free conversation or it may extend through the whole buying and or selling process



Ms. Property was created in 2019 after nearly 20 years of ‘normal’ real estate.

We live in a patriarchal society and women over 40 slowly become invisible, our lifetime of experience undervalued and unrespected.

Witnessing friends, family and clients struggling to come to terms with their future.

We seemed to blink and reach retirement age, sometimes lacking the financial security of owning our own home, facing the prospect of having to live with our children in their homes, not our own. We want to make wise decisions, that benefit us.

Ms. Property was created to enable women to feel safe when seeking affordable advice about buying and/or selling their home.

We discuss your situation and together, based on your needs, we find the right solution for you.

My aim is to ensure your quality of life, open up your choices and have the freedom to decide on your life direction.

My area of expertise is real estate however I have decades of networks that we can reach out to.

Carol Robertson, Founder, Ms. Property Melbourne.

I coach, guide, mentor and work with you through the home buying and selling process.

Helping you with your choices and improving your quality of life.