Exploring your options to work with me by booking a Meet Up, we start with a 15 minute free call and together we work out where you should go next. It all starts with a plan.


You are exploring real estate, you have questions and I have answers. I also listen to what you are thinking and give you guidance. 

Finding the perfect house is never easy and I really do understand that there are many options for you. Which one is right for you? What about price? Is there anything else you need to know or research? Making an offer, bidding at auction, the rules and processes involved in real estate buying and selling.

In our next ‘Meet Up’ or Sounding Board session (which is just getting together online or on the phone) we have 45 minutes for you to ‘pick’ my very experienced, real estate brain. 

I don’t catch up for coffee or get paid in coffee, real estate is too financially and emotionally serious for that. We book a time, you bring your questions and together we explore your options. 

You may book more than 1 session. They are prepaid and I do limit them to 45 minutes because beyond that we are losing focus and neither of us wants that. 

So, you have real estate questions, I have real estate answers

(If I believe that you should be speaking to someone else, then I will tell you and guide you to that person).

Explore Your Options and Sounding Board Meet-Ups are booked using the following booking system.